Caroline Thompson, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor

Dr. Thompson is Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, specializing in cancer epidemiology, health care delivery, quantitative methodology and “big” data science. She holds a Master of Public Health and Doctor of Philosophy in Epidemiology from the University Of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Tracks:   Epidemiology

Dr. Thompson’s research interests include cancer screening and detection, cancer-related healthcare delivery, racial and ethnic disparities in cancer, (re)use of electronic health records for research, imputation and quantitative bias analysis for missing data, development and application of novel methods for causal inference, and geospatial cancer epidemiology.

SDSU:   PH 823 Case Control Studies (Fall)

PH 824 Cohort Studies (Spring)

UCSD:  FMPH 291 Special Topics - Advanced Causal Inference Methods in Epi (Spring)