Undergraduate Instructional Apprentice (UGIA) Support

FMPH 195 (UGIA) Information Sheet

An Undergraduate Instructional Apprentice (UGIA) assists in the instruction of an upper or lower division undergraduate course at the University under the supervision of the instructor.  Duties will be inclusive of a combination of the following responsibilities, depending on instructor's instructional needs.

  • Throughout the quarter, UGIA should meet with instructor on a regular basis (e.g., weekly) to ensure ongoing communication regarding progress of students and course.

  • Attend all class lectures and instructional meetings.
  • Lead sections or discussions (depending on instructional need). UGIA is expected to have mastery of course material to provide quality services to students during discussions sections or office hours.

  • Hold office hours - minimum of two hours per week.

 To schedule office hours please email Leanne McKenzie (lwmckenzie@health.ucsd.edu) and the staff will do its best to accommodate your day/time preferences.
  • Assist with course preparation (e.g. research articles for use in course, preparation of exam questions, lecture presentations, and photocopying course material).

  • Assist with proctoring examinations, scribing and grading.

Assigned Hours for UGIAs: Please keep in mind that a UGIA is 25% and can work a maximum of 110 hours for the quarter, cannot work over 10 hours in any one week and cannot work more than 8 hours in any one day. 

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