Faculty Currently Accepting Applicants

Please note that several faculty are listed under multiple major areas of study. Not all faculty listed here will end up getting a student. So it is important to make sure that what you list as your research area in your written personal statement is very clear so that if there is another potential match for you, we can evaluate your application with that in mind. In addition to the written personal statement, you may choose up to three research areas of interest from the list of APHA categories. This question is part of the UC San Diego Grad Apply application.

This list is subject to change. Before submitting your application, please check back to make sure the faculty member you are interested in working with is still interested in taking a student.


The Epidemiology track uses a collaborative mentoring approach for new students. Students are assigned an advisory committee for the first two years of the program until they formalize their specialty area and choose their dissertation chair. The advisory committee works with each student to find funding during their time in the program.

Faculty Currently Accepting Applicants*

Global Health

Health Behavior

Al-Delaimy, Wael Al-Delaimy, Wael
Bloss, Cinnamon Crespo, Noe
Chowdhury, Zohir Goldenberg, Shira
Goldenberg, Shira Maluf, Katrina
Larsen, Britta Martin, Natasha
Shakya, Holly Marquez, Becky
Smiley, Sabrina Smiley, Sabrina
Stockman, Jamilla Strong, David
Valafar, Faramarz Storholm, Erik
Zhu, Shu-Hong


*Other faculty may be available but should be contacted to confirm. Please reach out to the track directors or to publichealthjdp@health.ucsd.edu for more information.

**Drs. Gombatto and Maluf (ENS faculty) have a Ph.D. Student Research Assistantship, click here for details.