HWSPH Academic Student Employees (TA/Reader/UGIA)

Visual Overview of ASE Positions (TA/Reader/UGIA)

  • SP24 Biostatistics TA Opportunities (limited to students in the HWSPH Biostatistics program)
  • SP24 MPH TA Opportunities (Open to all graduate students to apply)
  • SP24 BSPH TA Opportunities (Open to all graduate students to apply)
  • SP24 Public Health Reader Opportunities (Open to all graduate and undergraduate students to apply)

General Information

  • The HWSPH employs Academic Student Employees (ASE) (Teaching Assistants (TAs), Readers, and UGIAs) during each quarter of the academic year. These positions are allocated based on course enrollment, and positions are filled on a quarterly basis through an application and selection process. HWSPH ASE Applications posts on our website and HWSPH graduate students and HWSPH undergraduate students will be notified via email when applications are open.
  • To be eligible for employment as an ASE in the HWSPH, you must be available to work and physically present on campus from the first day of the quarter through the eGrades submission deadline
  • Only the HWSPH Student Affairs Office can extend an official offer of employment.
  • Please review the UC San Diego GEPA ASE website for the most comprehensive and up-to-date information regarding ASE positions.

Tips to Improve Your Chances of an Offer

  • To have the strongest chance of being placed into a ASE position, we recommend that students apply early and before the initial deadline. HWSPH generally opens ASE Applications during 1st pass registration of the preceding quarter. Offers are sent out on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.
  • Apply to more than one department. ASE positions in HWSPH are NOT guaranteed so we recommend that you submit an application to multiple departments. Some departments advertise their applications via email, some post their applications on their department websites, and some post their positions on the Open Positions website.
  • We recommend selecting (and ranking) all courses for which you are qualified (including introductory courses).
  • Do your best. If and when you are hired, take your responsibilities seriously and encourage all of your students and your instructor to complete the TA evaluation at the end of the quarter. These evaluations are taken into consideration when we are selecting TAs, and positive evaluations will increase your chances of being hired again in the future.
  • As a reminder, the application portal is for submitting requests only. We will make every effort to accommodate them, but there are no guarantees that applicants will be given a TA/Reader/UGIA position or that they will be assigned to be a TA/Reader/UGIA to one of their preferred courses. We do NOT know that enrollments will be high enough to warrant a TA/Reader/UGIA in all the classes listed on the application each quarter. In other words, just because a course is listed as an option does not mean a TA/Reader/UGIA will be assigned to it.


  • Only graduate students may serve as TAs. Both graduate and undergraduate students can apply to be Readers. Only Undergraduate students may serve as UGIAs. 
  • Please review the Graduate Student eligibility requirements.
  • No student schedule overlaps with eligible course lecture TA, Reader, or UGIA positions (rare exceptions are made when the instructor determines specific course doesn’t require lecture attendance) - Applicants can check UC San Diego's Schedule of Classes to see day/time of course offerings.
  • Strong knowledge of material for course.
  • Potential additional TA requirements set for a specific course by the instructor.
  • Eligibility to take on 25% or 50% position based on quarter enrollment.
  • Undergraduate Students must be registered full-time with an overall GPA of at least 3.0. 
  • Please review the FMPH 195 (UGIA) Information Sheet.

After You Receive an Offer

  • Accept the Offer in the IA System. 
  • Review the appointment letter. The appointment letter includes important information such as the position start and end date, percent time, salary, instructor of record, and health insurance coverage.
  • Review the Description of Duties that accompanied the offer (if provided). 
  • Review the Roles of ASEs as defined by GEPA. 
  • Complete hiring paperwork, if needed (new hires).
  • Log into UC Path - Your First Time in UC Path.
  • Readers - Login to EcoTime to enter hours worked.
  • Contact the Instructor of Record.
    • Please use Blink to obtain the contact information for your instructor of record.
  • Complete all required training:
  • International Students
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If after accepting a position, a situation arises that changes a student’s eligibility or availability for the position, they must notify the program as soon as possible. Failure to notify will result in a loss of the position. On rare occasions accommodations can be made when notified in advance of one’s situation.

Salary and Fee Remission

  • All Readers must submit timesheets via Ecotime (online time reporting) to receive payment. Readers are paid on a bi-weekly basis. 
  • TAs are paid on a monthly basis. 
  • Please review the Salary and Fee Remission information here. Note: Graduate student Readers must work a minimum of 110 total hours for the quarter to qualify for ASE Partial Fee Remission.


Please feel free to email us at hwsphedteam@health.ucsd.edu if you have any questions not answered on our website.