Karen Ferran, PhD, MSPH


Dr. Ferran is a lecturer in the Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the School of Public Health, San Diego State University.

Tracks:   Epidemiology

Dr. Ferran is s an infectious disease epidemiologist with a strong interest in promoting a One Health approach to complex human, animal, and environmental health problems, Dr. Ferran is passionate about the development of innovative approaches to foster transdisciplinary learning and collaboration. Dr. Ferran served as the former Chief Epidemiologist/Program Manager of the Early Warning Infectious Disease Surveillance (EWIDS) Program of the California Department of Public Health and is a co-founder of One Border One Health: A binational multi-disciplinary collaborative committed to strengthened surveillance for emerging infectious diseases along the US/Mexico border. Dr. Ferran is a Lead Consultant for BetaStatisitics, LLC, advising clients from healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries and academic institutions on research design strategies, biostatistical analyses and data interpretation.