Sample Program of Study

The following sample program of study depicts the MS with 76 units over 6 quarters.  This is our recommended course of study for the most robust biostatistics education.  However, each student will need to work with their academic advisor for their course plan.    

Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter
Year 1 *FMPH 221 (Biostat. Methods 1) 
*FMPH 244A (Foundations in Biostat.) 
*Required Life Science 1 
*FMPH 290 (Seminar/JC) 
*FMPH 222 (Biostat. Methods 2) 
*Elective [Recommended: FMPH 244B (Foundations in Biostat. 2)] 
*Optional Elective
*FMPH 290 (Seminar/JC) 
*FMPH 223 (Longitudinal Data Analysis) 
*Other Required [Recommended: MATH 284 (Survival Analysis)] 
*Required Life Science 2
Year 2 *FMPH 243A (Practicum in Biostat.)
*Other Required [Recommended: FMPH 227 (Advanced Multivariate Mthds)] 
*Elective [Recommended: MATH 282A (Applied Statistics 1)] 
*FMPH 290 (Seminar/JC) 
*Elective [Recommended: FMPH 243B (Practicum in Biostat.)]
*Optional Elective [Recommended: FMPH 226 (Stat. Methods for Observ. Studies)] 
*Optional Elective [Recommended: MATH 282B (Applied Stats. 2)] 
*Optional Elective [Recommended: FMPH 224 (Clinical Trials & Exp. Design)] 
*Optional Elective