*Important Notice: Please note that this webpage will continue to be updated as we find relevant information to share with you before you arrive on campus in September.*


Welcome to UC San Diego!

We are thrilled that you have been admitted and are considering joining our community. 

We offer a robust academic environment with exciting opportunities in beautiful Southern California.



  • [strongly recommended] Virtual Graduate Student Orientation: access here
  • [mandatory] Biostatistics Orientation: September 20, 2022 (time to be determined)
  • [strongly recommended] Graduate Student Welcome Events: access here
  • [strongly recommended]  Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health Convocation: September 21, 2022 (time to be determined)


Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs (GEPA) Checklists

Please be sure to complete the to-do items for admitted students linked below.

  1. What to do immediately
  2. Before you arrive on campus
  3. When you arrive on campus
  4. Additional steps for international students  


Housing Resources 

On-Campus Housing

Please note that there are waitlists to secure on-campus housing.  Once you have a confirmed admission offer, accept your offer, and receive a PID, you can submit an application via their website.

Off-Campus Housing

You may also request access to the Off-Campus Housing Services listings to browse lodging opportunities.  There are also several groups on social media (namely Facebook) on which members share opportunities.  Although they may be very useful, we do not endorse any of these and urge you to be mindful about the legitimacy of these ads.  

The UCSD Housing, Dining, Hospitality Donation Program supports students in need by providing them with previously used household items (desks, tables, chairs, dressers, lamps, microwaves, vacuums, fans, toasters, bed frames, etc.). Their inventory is based on donations and other collected items so availability is not guaranteed, but is a wonderful resource. 

Finding your local Buy Nothing group is a great way to find the things you need to make your new home comfortable and get to know your community. 

Student Services 

and more to discover ...

Student Life 

Student Health 

Curriculum & Course Registration 

Eager to plan for fall? We expect Fall 2022 quarter instructions to be held in-person. You may register for courses now, however, some courses will not admit students until September. Please check with your Graduate Coordinator for more information.   

For important calendars and various resources, please visit the Current Students section of this website.  

MS Student Employment 

Find out if you're eligible for employment on campus here and browse campus-wide opportunities here