2018-2019 Honors Practicum Cohort

2018-2019 Honors Practicum Director: Dr. Nancy Binkin

Through the BSPH Honors Practicum, these students learned to design and conduct stakeholder-driven community-based public health interventions, to analyze and synthesize qualitative and quantitative evaluation findings, and to disseminate results to a wide variety of audiences.  They also gained valuable skills in group work and how to successfully apply for advanced training and jobs in medicine and public health. 

Below lists the students in the 2018-2019 Honors Practicum Cohort who completed the intensive applied public health experience and showcases their final poster presentations.

Distinction in the Major = A minimum 3.250 Major GPA
High Distinction in the Major = A minimum 3.500 Major GPA
Highest Distinction in the Major  = A minimum 3.750 Major GPA

Barajas, Karina Alexis

Bunyan, Maya

Collin, Lauren Mayumi

Cortez, Catherine

Crucillo, Richelle Felicia Garcia

Majnoonian, Araz

Malangone, Daria Makaila

Sanchez, Cynthia N

Trease, Kaitlin Marie

Vo, Anh Truc

Weaver, Meschelle Leeann

Yang, Karen

Yatco, Allison Wai-Lin