John Alcaraz, PhD

Dr. John E. Alcaraz, Assistant Professor, earned a Ph.D. in mathematics at the University of California, San Diego, in 1988. He joined the GSPH faculty as a lecturer in biostatistics in the Fall of 1993, became an assistant professor in 1997, and an associate professor in 2003.


Dr. Alcaraz has been the statistician on several funded intervention studies headed by SDSU faculty; the studies have dealt with promoting exercise or nutrition in children or young adult populations. Dr. Alcaraz’s interests lie in the study of so-called exact statistical tests, which are useful in situations when the usual parametric tests are inappropriate. Dr. Alcaraz plans to develop an advanced topics course in exact tests and their applications to epidemiological data.

PH 602 Biostatistics (Spring)

PH 628 Applications of Multivariate Statistics in Public Health (Fall, Spring)

PH 862 Analysis of Case Control Studies (Fall)