Purpose of the Practicum

The UCSD MPH practicum provides all graduate students in the Masters in Public Health program, the opportunity to participate in a short-term, field-based public-health or population-based experience. This student-led activity is expected to be implemented in collaboration with a sponsoring organization and under the supervision of a qualified site mentor. Practicum sites typically include community-based organizations or local, state, federal or international public health agencies. Therefore, clinical, patient-specific work solely would not satisfy this course requirement. Students are expected to apply theory, skills and training acquired through the public health coursework at UCSD within a real-life setting while engaging with other public health practitioners in the sponsoring agency and community. Students will have the opportunity to develop written and oral communication skills that employ public health concepts and methods. Due to its training focus, it is expected that site supervisors will provide students with feedback throughout the practicum experience. Practicum activities will be designed by the student and mentor jointly to meet the needs of the practicum site, UCSD Graduate Student requirements and this course, which aligns with the guidelines and requirements of MPH  programs, per the Council on Education for Public Health.

Practicum Materials

Current students can access practicum materials on the MPH Canvas webpage.