Students interested in Health Policy are encouraged to consider applying to the UC Center Sacramento (UCCS) Program or UCDC Program. Both academic programs provides students with the opportunity to combine coursework and gain valuable on-the-job professional experience while living, interning, and attending classes in either Sacramento or Washington, DC.

UC Center Sacramento Healthcare Flyer

In partnership with the UCCS and UCDC Programs, Public Health Majors are able to apply UCCS or UCDC course credit in a Health Policy related internship towards their Public Health UD Elective area of the major requirements. Internships must be approved by the department in advance.

Steps to apply a Health Policy Internship towards your Public Health Major Requirements:

  1. Apply to UCCS or UCDC.
  2. Submit the following 4 items to the Public Health Student Affairs Office:
    • General Petition ("Departmental Exception" marked)
    • Personal Statement (1 -2 paragraphs explaining the merits of the internship)
    • Course Syllabus
    • Copy of Internship Description and Student Responsiblities
  3. Look for a message from the department in the VAC (typically takes 2-4 weeks).