Internships (AIP 197)

Students are encouraged to get involved in internship experiences throughout their undergraduate program. Internships provide an opportunity to get work-relevant experiences in real-world settings. The Academic Internship Program (AIP) hosts many public health internships that can be searched within their database. The Center for Student Involvement also catalogues a range of opportunities for students to get involved in volunteer and service opportunities.

In partnership with the Academic Internship Program (AIP), Public Health Majors are able to apply AIP 197 credit in a Public Health related internship toward their Public Health UD Elective area of the major requirements. Remember that AIP 197 may only be taken P/NP. Internships must be approved by the department in advance.

Steps to Using an AIP 197 towards your Public Health Major Requirements:

  1. Apply to AIP.
  2. Submit the following 3 items to the Public Health Student Affairs Office or email to
    • General Petition ("Departmental Exception" marked)
    • Personal Statement (1 -2 paragraphs explaining the merits of the internship)
    • Copy of AIP Learning Agreement with all required signatures
  3. Look for a message from the department in the VAC (typically takes 2-4 weeks).
  4. After your grade has posted for AIP 197, submit a copy of your required AIP paper to the Public Health Advising Office. As long as your paper demonstrates the outcomes outlined in your proposal, you will be able to apply your AIP 197 towards one UD Elective for your Public Health Major.

Note: Please keep in mind that no more than 8 units between AIP 197, FMPH 195, and FMPH 198 may be used to meet UD major requirements.


AIP 197 BSPH Student Project Example

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