Undergraduate Instructional Apprentice (UGIA) (FMPH 195)

Participating in a FMPH 195 Undergraduate Instructional Apprentice (UGIA) position provides students an opportunity to learn the methodologies of teaching and obtain teaching skills that can be utilized for graduate schools or vocational training.

Students who complete FMPH 195 are able to apply four units towards the major as upper-division elective credit.  All requirements and responsibilities have been listed below for additional information. 

If you have earned an A or A- in a FMPH course and have a minimum overall GPA of a 3.0 please consider applying.

Note: Please keep in mind that no more than 4 units of FMPH 195 may be used to meet UD major requirements. In addition, no more than 8 units between AIP 197, FMPH 195, and FMPH 198 may be used to meet UD major requirements.

FMPH 195 UGIA Information Sheet


Spring 2024 UGIA (FMPH 195) Opportunities/Application

Spring 2024 UGIA applications are now open. The priority deadline to apply is Tuesday, February 27th. UGIAs are welcome in most FMPH courses. There may be additional spots available after February 27th; however, we strongly encourage all students interested in being a UGIA to consider applying before the priority deadline. 

Apply to be a Spring 2024 UGIA here.

Please check the Schedule of Classes before applying to ensure that you have availability in your schedule to attend the class for which you are applying to be a UGIA. UGIAs must attend class.

Note: students will be attending the class for which they are serving as a UGIA but will be receiving FMPH 195 credit. 


Next Steps after Applying to be a UGIA:

After you have submitted your application the department and faculty will review your application and assess instructional needs. Decisions are made on a rolling basis and depends on the course as to when applicants will be contacted. Don't be alarmed if you do not hear anything from the department right away.

If your application has been selected for the next step in the process – you will receive an email generated through ASES (Academic Students Employee System) that the department has assigned you to a FMPH course you have applied to be a UGIA. At that point, you are required to accept or reject the assignment using the link in the email sent to you – this indicates that you are still interested in the position to the instructor considering your application. Please see below for the following steps regarding the UGIA position process:

  1. Once you have approved your assignment position – the instructor for the course has the option to approve or reject your position based on how many UGIAs they will accept for the course.
  2. If the instructor approves the position – the Department Chair must review and approve all UGIA positions for the quarter. This can take up to 2-3 weeks. The only reason for the Department Chair to reject a position is if the applicant is below the eligibility requirements (i.e. less than 3.0 UC GPA).
  3. Once all positions have been approved by the Department Chair, the Academic Senate is required to review and approve each position before you can enroll in the course. Just as with the Department Chair, the only reason for the Academic Senate to reject a position is if the applicant falls below the eligibility requirements after the previous quarter has ended. The Academic Senate does not typically approve applicants until the beginning of the quarter.
  4. Upon approval of the Academic Senate – you will receive a pre-authorization email. Once you received the pre-authorization email, you must enroll in the FMPH 195 course via WebReg. This is usually between the 1st and 2nd week of classes, but we always try to have our UGIAs approved as early as possible. 
  5. While waiting for Senate Approval, your instructor may request to meet with you before the quarter begins to discuss course logistics and your responsibilities.